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Holidays on Location
is part of a family-owned business specialising in individual and group travel to destinations throughout the world.

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Holidays On Location Brands


  • 1979 →

    The company was established in Melbourne, Victoria. Our aim was to make leisure travel for individuals an effortless and enjoyable experience. The company operated from two retail outlets for 10 years as Majestic International Travel.
  • 1989 →

    Group and Incentives travel operations were established for Europe.
  • 1991 →

    The beginning of concept packaging and tour wholesale development work.
  • 1992 →

    Registration of the 'Suisse Tours and Incentives' business name and development of a structured wholesale programme for Switzerland and Europe.
  • 1998 →

    Launch of our first specialist product brochure, 'Switzerland & Europe'. Recognition by Switzerland Tourism, Zurich and admission of 'Suisse Tours and Incentives' as a member into the Switzerland Tourism International Network Partner Programme.
  • 1999 →

    Re-organisation of company operations, creation of the 'Worldwide Tourism Group' marketing arm and registration of Austrian Holidays trade mark and associated brand names to establish a specialist European product range.
  • 2000 →

    Formation of a close partnership with the Austrian National Tourist Office, Sydney, and the development of a comprehensive range of holiday products and services for Austria.
  • 2001 →

    Launch of our first specialist product brochure for Austria,
    'Austrian Holidays'.
  • 2002 →

    Co-operation with the German National Tourist Office, Sydney, for development of a select range of holiday products and for Germany to be released under the 'German Holidays' brand.
  • 2003 →

    Launch of our first specialist product brochure for Germany, 'German Holidays'.
  • 2004 →

    Celebrating 25 years in Travel!.
  • 2005 →

    Launch of the Holidays on Location operating division.
  • 2006 →

    Relaunch of websites to include French Holidays, Scandinavian Holidays, Italian Holidays.
  • 2009 →

    Celebrating 30 Years in the travel industry. Launch of our first specialist product brochure for Hawai’i, ‘Hawaiian Holidays’
  • 2010 →

    Now celebrating 31 years in the travel industry. Introduction of exclusive rail itineraries & services.
  • 2011 →

    Launch of the new Switzerland & German Holidays Websites. Expansion of our European product range.
  • 2012 →

    Re-design of our Holidays On Location, Switzerland, Germany, Austria & British & Irish websites.
  • 2013 →

    Released new Winter Touring Brochure featuring Austria, Britain, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Prague and Hungary.
  • 2014 →

    Now celebrating 35 years in the travel industry. Release of dedicated Canadian Holidays Brochure.