France no longer included in Eurail Select Pass for 2013

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Thursday, 06 December 2012

France will no longer be part of the Eurail Select Pass in 2013. France will still remain on the Eurail Global and all Multi-country Passes and of course there will still be the France Rail Pass.

If you have purchased a Eurail Select Pass including France (issued in 2012), your pass is still valid for travel 6 months from the date of issue.

For travel in 2013 we have compiled a list of the most popular passes and worked out the best options for all travellers. You can buy a two country pass and combine this with either point to point rail tickets or a single country pass. The options are endless and can be tailored for each traveller.

Where do you begin?

The best place to start is to work out how many train journeys are required and what countries you're travelling in/through. Then using our train ticket and reservation search tool on our website, search the prices of each individual train journey.

Things to remember

You need to validate the pass or passes before you start travelling. This must be done within 6 months of the pass being printed.

You can validate your Eurail Pass in any country that participates in the Eurail offer (excludes The Balkan Pass, European East Pass, German Pass, France Pass and all Swiss Passes). You can also validate a Eurail Pass in a country where it is not valid for travel. Eg. If you have a Eurail Italy Pass you could have this validated in France. If you have a Eurail Select Pass with Italy/Switzerland/Austria this could be validated in France.

A Eurail pass can be validated at a ticket window at the train station or a Eurail Aid Office. More details on validating your pass can be found in the Travellers guide that comes with your pass.
High Speed and Overnight Trains require a compulsory seat/sleeper reservation in addition to the cost of the pass. Passholders fares are valid in conjunction with specific passes and specific routes. It is important that when selecting a passholder reservation that you check the conditions of the fare you are purchasing. Failure to check if the passholder fares match your pass can result in a fine and the pass being confiscated by the train conductor.

*Please note that all prices above are subject to change and availability


How We Work

Pass combinations using France

Below is a table that we have compiled that shows the cheapest combination of passes that border France. Use this as a guide when looking for a replacement to a 3 country select pass where in the past, you would have included France.

Countries travelling to Pass Combinations Pass Point to Point
Benelux-France-Spain France-Benelux 5 day saver
+ 3 day Spain Pass
Spain-France-Italy France-Spain 4 day saver
+ 3 day Italy Pass
Spain-France-Switzerland France-Swiss 4 day saver
+ 3 day Spain Pass
Spain-France-Germany France-Spain 4 day saver
+ 3 day German Twin
Benelux-France-Italy France-Benelux 5 day saver
+ 3 day Italy Pass
Benelux-France-Germany Benelex-Germany 5 day saver
+ 3 day France Pass
Benelux-France-Switzerland France-Swiss 4 day saver
+ 5 day Benelux Pass
France-Switzerland-Germany France-Swiss 4 day saver
+ 3 day German Twin
Germany-France-Italy France-Italy day saver
+ 3 day German Twin
France-Switzerland-Italy France-Swiss 4 day saver
+ 3 day Italy pass


Each high speed train requires a compulsory seat reservation. Seat reservation fees are additional to the pass price. Below is an example of a popular itinerary. We have noted the individual ticket prices where in most cases the seat reservation is included.

First Class:

  • Barcelona - Avignon- point to point $125
  • Avignon - Lyon- point to point $54
  • Lyon - Paris- point to point $112
  • Paris - Strasbourg- point to point $129
  • Strasbourg- Munich- point to point $257
  • Munich- Frankfurt- point to point $241
  • Frankfurt- Berlin- point to point $296

The point to point tickets above come to a total of $1214.00 per person. Compared to a France-Spain 4 day Saverpass and a 3 day German Twin Pass which totals to $573.00 per person, we need to add seat reservations to your pass where unlike the point to points they are not included.

Seat reservations on top of both passes come to $171.00 per person. If you add this to your pass you are looking at $744.00 per person.