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Planning Car Hire

Are you planning your trip and want to see all the local attractions and places of interest? You can arrange your car hire with us.

We offer you a wide range of rental cars in all price ranges, whatever your needs are on your holiday abroad.

We have access to reputable car hire companies to get you the best possible rates and latest promotions on car hire.

We can provide you with a list of car hire vehicles available that you can then whittle down to suit your needs i.e. automatic/manual, type of car, type of petrol consumption, number of doors etc. Make the most out of your car rental and collect it from one airport but drop it off at another airport entirely.

Planning Car Hire

What is it?

An International Driving Permit IDP is proof in nine languages that you hold a valid drivers licence in your home country.
  • IDP's are officially sanctioned by the United Nations
    and accepted worldwide (in over 150 countries) as a recognised form
    of identification.
  • Your IDP carries your identification details in nine
    languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Russian,
    Spanish & Swedish), in case you need to communicate with foreign
  • An IDP is proof that you hold a valid drivers licence in you home
    country at the date of issue of the IDP and should be carried with
    your domestic driver's licence.
Do I need one?
  • IDP's are a special permit for tourists, authorised by the United Nations Treaty for the purpose of allowing motorists to drive internationally without further tests of applications provided their domestic driver's licence is valid.
  • An IDP is a requirement for renting a vehicle in many countries.
  • In some countries you may be asked to surrender
    your passport under certain circumstances. An IDP provides an extra
    photo ID in nine languages which you can always carry with you.
  • An IDP provides inexpensive additional security.
Which countries require an IDP?
  • Contact you state Automobile association eg NRMA, RACQ, RACT, RACV etc - visit their web sites for application forms and details about which countries require an IDP.



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