Rail Travel and Passes

Travelling by Rail

Rail is the most comfortable and relaxing way to see and travel around Europe. With the best range of products we will ensure you get the most out of train travel in Europe.

Whether you choose to buy a rail pass or individual train tickets, you’ll have access to the easiest method of transport on offer.

Eurail Passes

Eurail Passes offer a flexible way to explore Europe by rail. Simply choose the number of countries and the number of travel days you wish to travel. Don't forget to book seat reservations on high speed trains which require supplements, and booking them as far in advance as you can (especially during peak times) or just take each day as it comes.

Global Passes

  • Eurail Select Pass - Pick your own 3, 4 or 5 adjoining countries.
  • Eurail Global Flexi Pass - 21 countries - 10 or 15 days in 2 months.
  • Eurail Global Consecutive Pass - 21 countries - 15, 21 days or 1, 2 or 3 months.

Multi-Country Passes

Single Country Passes

Why by train?

Many trains travel at 300 km/h allowing you to move between cities quickly and efficiently avoiding traffic congestion on motor ways. What does this mean? Well particularly in Europe it allows more time to be spent at your end destination. Over a three week holiday this may mean four more hours at the Vatican City, three more hours at the Eiffel Tower or five more hours strolling through Venice. Travelling by train simply buys you more time!

Most railway stations are in the centre of the city which avoids expensive taxi fares getting from airports to accommodation. This once again saves time and allows more time exploring.

Europe has over 250,000 kilometres of train tracks at your finger tips. Coupled with the frequency of departures (The Eurostar departs 16 times a day) you can always find a service that suits your needs.

There is no more relaxing method of travel than train travel. On a train you can you read a book, have a sleep, talk to the locals, move freely between carriages or have a drink in the bar? On many routes you can also hop off on and off at towns along the way and catch the next train.

Why not consider the option of travelling overnight on one of the many night train services offering a range of sleeper accommodation from single or twin berth private sleepers to couchette carriages offering excellent value for money beds for 3 to 6 people. Arrive refreshed and ready to explore a new city.

The scenery from trains is absolutely spectacular and in many instances you are traveling through terrain which is not accessible by car or foot.

BritRail Passes

The most rewarding and relaxing way to see Britain and Ireland is by train. Rail is the most convenient way to experience the glorious countryside in comfort, then arrive in the heart of the city with easy access to your accommodation and attractions.

  • Britrail Consecutive Pass
    England, Scotland and Wales
  • Britrail Flexi Pass
    England, Scotland and Wales
  • Britrail England Consecutive Pass
    England only
  • Britrail England Flexi Pass
    England only
  • Britrail and Ireland Pass
    Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland
  • Britrail Irish Sea Crossings
    Quick and comfortable ferry services between Ireland and Britain
  • Britrail London Plus Pass
  • Britrail Central Scotland Pass
    Visit some of the famous spots in Scotland's central belt
  • Britrail Scottish Freedom Pass
    Explore Scotland - the land of lochs and legends
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