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Rail is the most comfortable and relaxing way to see and travel around Europe. With the best range of products we will ensure you get the most out of train travel in Europe.

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1Switzerland is Europe in miniature. Only 220 km from north to south and 348km east to west, it has nearly 100 spectacular mountains, many huge glaciers, lakes and rivers, rolling meadows, forests, beautiful fertile valleys, ancients cities, towns and villages all lovingly preserved, possibly the best integrated transport system in the world, and a climate that ranges from alpine to sub-tropical. Discover the Chocolate Box of flavours that is Switzerland!

2 Austria - Hardly any other country is associated with the term “culture” as much as Austria is. Although its former imperial power now belongs to the past, Austria is still one of the world’s leading cultural nations.The variety of cultural events all year round - from classical and contemporary music to theatre, architecture and the fine arts - gives you a great variety of events to choose from to give your holiday that cultural touch!

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The most rewarding and relaxing way to see Europe, Britain and Ireland is by train. Rail is the most convenient way to experience the glorious countryside in comfort, then arrive in the heart of the city with easy access to your accommodation and attractions. See more on Rail travel and Passes>>