Norway & Sweden Pass

Travel on the national rail networks of Scandinavia's two favourite destinations and enjoy spectacular scenery from the comfort of modern train services.

Please note the private line between Naples and Sorrento is NOT covered by the Italy- Spain Pass.

A day of rail travel is a 24 hour period from midnight to midnight. This allows for unlimited travel on any number of trains for each day of use. Travel days may be used consecutively or non consecutively.

Fare types

  • Adult
  • Adult Saver: 2-5 people travelling together at all times
  • Child: 4 - 11 years
  • Child Saver: 4 - 11 years, 2-5 people travelling together at all times
  • Youth: Under 26

Pass Issuance Fee

Please note: a Pass Issuance Fee of $10.00 per pass will be added to the prices.

General information

To start using the pass it must be validated at a European train station before your first journey. If on any day you travel on an overnight train that departs after 7pm and don't change trains before midnight then you only have to enter the following day on your Pass.

Note: High Speed and premier trains require seat reservations to obtain seat reservations we highly recommend that you pre-purchase your seats as far in advance of your travel date as possible. Passholder seat reservations are limited.

Eurail passes may NOT be purchased by European residents, including residents of the Russian Federation, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

Norway & Sweden Rail Map

Click here for large rail map

Norway & Sweden Pass Prices

Prices are per person in Australian Dollar and subject to currency fluctuation.
Norway & Sweden
Pass Prices From
2nd Class
Adult Saver Adult Youth Child Saver Child
4 days in 2 months $265 $311 $225 $135 $158
5 days in 2 months          
6 days in 2 months          
8 days in 2 months          
10 days in 2 months          
For the latest dates and prices, please contact our office.