Central Europe Triangle Pass

The Central Europe Triangle Pass offers the opportunity to passengers to travel on the
following route:

  • Vienna-Prague, Prague-Budapest, Budapest-Vienna or
  • Vienna-Prague, Prague-Salzburg, Salzburg-Vienna

The journey can be started in any one of the mentioned cities and made
in any sequence.

This pass is perfectly suited for the needs of today's travellers, focusing on shorter durations and on capital cities. Travel on this pass in 2nd Class only.

Fare types

  • 60+: Must be over 60 years of age.
  • Adult
  • Child: 4 - 11 years
  • Youth: Under 26

Pass Issuance Fee

Please note: a Pass Issuance Fee of $10.00 per pass will be added to the prices.

General information

To start using the pass it must be validated at a European train station before your first journey. If on any day you travel on an overnight train that departs after 7pm and don't change trains before midnight then you only have to enter the following day on your Pass.

  • Avaliable in 2nd class only
  • The journey can be started in any one of the mentioned cities above
  • You must nominate a start date for the pass

Eurail passes may NOT be purchased by European residents, including residents of the Russian Federation, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

Central Europe Triangle Map

Click here for large rail map

Central Europe Triangle Pass Prices

Prices are per person in Australian Dollar and subject to currency fluctuation.
Central Europe Triangle Pass
Prices From - Duration
2nd Class
Adult Child
Vienna - Budapest - Prague - Vienna    
Vienna - Salzburg - Prague - Vienna    
For the latest dates and prices, please contact our office.