Welcome to Austria

Welcome to Austria Austria - Hardly any other country is associated with the term “culture” as much as Austria is. Although its former imperial power now belongs to the past, Austria is still one of the world’s leading cultural nations.The variety of cultural events all year round - from classical and contemporary music to theatre, architecture and the fine arts - gives you a great variety of events to choose from to give your holiday that cultural touch!

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ViennaVienna – the Austrian Capital.
Explore the sights of Austria’s beautiful Baroque capital, Vienna, which for centuries was the centre of the splendid Hapsburg Empire. The city remains infused with the grand imperial spirit in the form of magnificent palaces and grand mansions surrounding the Innerestadt. The city’s cultural heritage is mainly musical, the great composers like Strauss, Brahms, Beethoven, Schubert, Haydn and Mozart all having lived and performed here. Vienna is a city of music, but it is also synonymous with gourmet fare, cakes, coffee, the Vienna Boys’ Choir and the Lippizaner stallions at the world-famous Spanish Riding School. Vienna is a captivating capital that blends Italian romanticism with a Germanic orderliness.!

Until 1816 Salzburg was a city-state, independent of the Hapsburgs and ruled by powerful prince-archbishops. It is situated on the northern border of Austria, 113km southeast of Munich, in a picturesque setting surrounded by mountains. Mozart was born here and the city’s fascination with its most-famous son is best demonstrated during the Salzburg Festival which presents world-class performances of opera, drama and concerts over a period of six weeks each summer. Mozart’s impression has been left all over the town - his image is on every postcard and chocolate box and both his birthplace and family house are now museums offering detailed insight into his life and work.

InnsbruckInnsbruck became the capital of Tyrol in 1429 and in the 15th century the city became a centre of European politics and culture as emperor Maximilian I moved the Imperial court to Innsbruck in the 1490s. Many old buildings from the middle ages and modern times survived in the heart of Innsbrucks old town. Innsbruck has also hosted the Winter Olympics in 1964 & 1976.

GrazGraz - With a population of just over 250,000, Graz ranks as Austria’s second city. The Styrian capital’s is situated beside the River Mur. The palaces town houses and museums of Graz’s UNESCO-protected centre bear testimony to the city’s Baroque heyday, while modern galleries – notably the Kunsthaus Graz – point to the city’s present-day role as one of central Europe’s main venues for contemporary art.

Hallstatt Hallstatt

The Salzkammergut village of Hallstatt, with its glorious lake, small guesthouses and cosy bars is a traditional mountain resort with many attractions. The world’s deepest ice caves, the ossuary, the salt mines dating back thousands of years.

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Map of Austria

Map of Austria

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