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Very few places in the world can recreate the timeless splendour of Europe – a historical, cultural and geographical continent which holds most of the must-see countries of the world. From North to South, this dramatic mass of culture keeps on thrilling, surprising and mystifying with its surprising wealth of sights, sounds, peoples and parties. Be prepared for the most enchanting and exciting trip of a lifetime as your eyes, ears and tastebuds take a journey to a part of the earth that never ceases to amaze.

Follow the life source of North America through gigantic forests, rolling fields, high-plain deserts, and exciting metropolises. Whether you plan to dive headfirst into the thrilling ride of New York City (USA), or schuss down the slopes of the Great White North (Canada), this is a continent whose boundless menu of activities and sights allow you to adjust your itinerary to whatever level of adventure you choose. Whatever your travel dreams, North America offers countless numbers of cultures, cuisines, landscapes, history and adventures.

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