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‘Holidays on Location’ has built its reputation on offering quality, value-for-money travel arrangements for the individual traveller. So, why have we now published a brochure full of group coach touring? Well, we believe that the truly independent traveller can make use of specialised tours to ‘fill in the gaps’.

That is to say, if you are interested in historic houses and gardens in England, you can bumble your way around in a hire car and maybe see a few, but if you take a three-day escorted tour with an expert driver/guide, you will not only see more and learn more, you will also have a great time. No question about trying to lay the blame on your companion’s navigation that got you lost after that 2nd roundabout...

Much as you would take a city coach tour to get your bearings when first in a strange city, a group tour of a specific region(s) can give you the same overview of what’s on offer. The understanding gained of a particular area on a guided coach tour would be difficult to replicate without extensive local knowledge and linguistic skills.

Having spent a night or two at a particularly enchanting spot, it’s only natural that you would immediately start planning your return, but this time to stay a week and explore the surrounding area at your leisure.

The group departures in this brochure offer extensive touring in a single country, exploring its various regions at length (The two exceptions are the British & Irish Grandeur and Best of Turkey and Greece tours, which are popular combinations).

Group tours offer many advantages to those of us who want a more relaxed touring experience. To have your transport, hotel and sightseeing organised and your particular needs looked after by your driver and/or guide – not to mention your baggage – can be a most satisfying feeling.

As for meals, tours generally include breakfasts and there is usually a welcome dinner and farewell dinner with lunches up to you. This means that you have ample time to enjoy meals at leisure in your own company or with people with whom you have taken up with. You can do as much or as little as you want. Of course, if you elect not to take part in a particular event on a day, it’s your choice!

So, we hope that if you haven’t previously considered a specialised group tour, the foregoing may serve to help you make up your mind that these tours are not about rigid schedules like that much clichéd ‘if it’s Tuesday it must be …’. Far from it. If it’s Tuesday it must be my free day to relax by the pool bar or perhaps a little retail therapy beforehand.

Printed Brochures
Order your printed brochures HERE